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State Street Completes Acquisition of CF Global Trading

Deal extends the ability for State Street to provide outsourced trading services to clients in the UK and the EU, where this business is maturing the fastest

State Street Further Expands Outsourced Trading Capabilities

Acquisition of CF Global to help clients drive growth to portfolios while accessing the scale, experience, insights, liquidity and technology of State Street’s established trading infrastructure.

CF Global Adds Buyside Experience

CF Global is excited to announce the appointment of Claude Rolland as Senior Trader in their London office. Claude brings deep multi-asset experience from 16 years trading at Sloane Robinson and earlier roles with Mako and Morgan Stanley.

Five Reasons for Asset Managers to Consider Outsourced Trading

In asset management, as in any other business, firms decide which of their competencies are core and which are ancillary activities that could be outsourced to firms that have demonstrated these activities are their core competencies. Increasingly, trading is one of them.

CF Global for Fixed Income

At the request of multi-asset clients, we've added fixed income to the CF Global product range.

Pandemic Pushes Asia Fund Managers to Consider Outsource Trading

(Bloomberg) -- Firms such as State Street Corp. and CF Global that offer outsourced trading services are seeing more inquiries in Asia as fund managers and family offices look to cut costs and set up contingency plans. * Asian family offices have been reluctant to seek outside help * Asset managers are outsourcing to cut costs as margins shrink 2021-11-15

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