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Fixed Income at CF Global

CF Global Trading for  Fixed Income


CF Global Trading (UK) Ltd has a long history of providing bespoke execution solutions for global asset managers.  In 2020, we expanded our range to include fixed income to meet demand for multi-product execution.

We replicate the role of a buyside fixed income trader at an institutional  fund, and offer that service to customers either as a supplement to their current execution process or as a fully outsourced trading partner. In either case, there is no additional fixed cost.

Our Offering

Buyside experience matters.

  • Our European Head of Fixed Income, Dominic Howlett, spent 20 years at Newton Investment Management trading the full fixed income spectrum for more than a dozen portfolio managers.
  • A single connection to CF Global brings customers a wide counterparty network of 40+ banks, brokers and platforms, for broad access to liquidity.
  • We extend, not replace, a fund’s coverage – our customers do not need to give up valuable long-term relationships

What Clients Say

Our customers include portfolio managers who previously saw trading as an integral part of their everyday routine. These clients tell us that carving out execution and working in partnership with  a dedicated (external) trading expert has brought them better results.

PM’s don’t always have time to scan the market for axes, chase down potential price improvement or find an alternative bond when the issue they want isn’t readily available.  We do this daily for our clients. PM’s with long-standing ties to preferred brokers also know they can maintain these relationships.

It’s important to note that outsourcing isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. Funds using CF Global as a supplement can assess the value of our buyside setup alongside their existing counterparties. In our experience, once trust in the partnership has been built, portfolio managers realise the benefits in time and cost savings.

About CF Global

CF Global Trading (UK) Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CF Global Trading, LLC, a US-registered broker dealer and FINRA member.  CF Global trades for institutional clients via live dealing desks in Hong Kong, London, and New York.  The firm’s ‘one-to-many’ architecture means funds access multiple liquidity channels with a single agreement: execution is broker-neutral via a broad broker network as well as multiple electronic destinations and a host of broker algorithms & crossing networks.




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